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Sing Out! South Craven

A mixed-voice community choir for South Craven and surrounds

Launch Night Information

We're really excited to launch our new choir - Sing Out! South Craven - tonight, and even more excited that 43 people have expressed an interest in joining!

Damian has a plan of action tonight which will include a little bit of housekeeping and info, some quick introductions, and of course plenty of singing!  We've got music and an information sheet ready for you all.
Here's a blog Damian's shared on his website this morning to give you a flavour of what to expect.

We'd like to get started at 7.30pm - I'm aiming to be here a little after 7pm.

Some practicalities, particularly if you've never been here before:

We're on Colne Road, BD20 8FQ.

We have our own car park, accessed off Croft Head Terrace. Spaces are a little slim, so please park carefully. Sutton's Got Brass rehearsal runs at the same time, 
After hours, we can park in the spaces facing the grass (reserved for Ashland vets). Please do not park in the two spaces facing the building right next to the vet. 

Overflow parking is available in the front parking/loading area of Cirteq over the road (opposite Hartley Street and Lodge Street).

Please do not park on Croft Head Terrace or the residential side of Institute Street, these are residents only.

You can park on the main road, there are no restrictions - but please be aware that visibility pulling out of the side roads can be tricky so don't park too close to the junctions. 
Please car share with a friend if you can.

Coming from Cowling direction? Resurfacing work is taking place between Glusburn and Cowling, around the Dog & Gun area. The road is closed from 7pm on weekday evenings.

We'll be using the Main Hall, which is on the first floor. Come to the front of the building (facing the main road). We have three front doors! The middle door leads directly up the stairs to the hall. If you'd like to use the lift, enter through the left-hand ground floor doors; the lift is through the lobby on your right-hand side - select '1'. 


Damian Oxborough, Musical Director       07746 637 472 
Debby Richardson, Choir Manager            0
7834 545 679 

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