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What are we doing to be more sustainable?

We believe in acting today to protect tomorrow. Making small changes to the way we operate, can make big differences to???. We are continually challenging the norm and the way in which our organisation is operating to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and increase recycling. Take a look below at what we are doing right now and what we are planning to do

What we have done so far
Replaced all communal area lighting in the building to new low energy 
Toilet and corridor lighting is now on motion sensors
Purchased and installed mixed recycling bins in all rooms. All bins are made of recycled plastic.

Commenced new commercial recycling contract 

Installed new waterless urinals in the male toilets, saving thousands of litres of water.

Committed to reducing single use plastic, changing bar products for recyclable glass alternatives.

Implemented new exit policies to ensure user groups understand the importance of switching lights off etc
Taps are water saving ae

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